Permanent Hair Removal Solutions

The occasional shave doesn't work for someone who wants permanent hair removal. Some people desire permanent hair removal because they just don't like having hair on their bodies. Other people want it because they're embarrassed by hair that keeps popping up in undesirable places, such as one's back.

Permanent hair removal products that are truly effective tend to be expensive. They also tend to require professional application. If you're serious about permanent hair removal products, you should go to a professional. You should also do plenty of hair removal research and get estimates from different hair removal providers.

Giving Electrolysis a Chance

Many experts agree that electrolysis is the only real permanent hair removal process. Electrolysis involves injecting the base of a hair follicle with electric currents. The heat from the current dries up the base of the follicle, therefore preventing any further hair growth.

It is extremely important that you find a trusted professional to perform this procedure. Electrolysis requires the professional to insert a metal probe into your skin to deliver the electricity. This process takes considerable skill. If it's done incorrectly, your hair may grow back or you may get a serious infection.

This permanent hair removal process is great because it truly is permanent. However, it does have its disadvantages. Electrolysis is expensive and can be painful. It also can take a long time for a hair removal specialist to remove hair from large areas.

Laser treatment is another permanent hair removal option. This involves places a wavelength into the skin that then goes into the follicle. This wavelength causes damage in the follicle and surrounding tissue, getting rid of hair growth. This treatment is fairly effective on dark or coarse hair, which is more difficult to get rid of than light, fine hair.

Keep in mind that none of these "permanent hair removal" processes are guaranteed. They usually work, but there's no 100 percent guarantee they'll work just like there's no 100 percent guarantee that a birth control will work. However, if hair growth is bothering you, these permanent hair removal solutions are a good way to start getting rid of your hair.