Body Hair Removal: What Are Your Options?

Finding the right body hair removal product is extremely important to people who have unwanted body hair in various areas of their body. Getting rid of body hair is a welcome relief to many people, but getting it done correctly can be challenging. The following methods can be used to facilitate body hair removal.

Hair Shaving and Tweezing

The most obvious means of body hair removal is shaving or tweezing the hair. Shaving clearly involves a razor. Shaving cuts the tip of the hair and is not a permanent body hair removal process. In fact, a clean shave will only last for one to three days depending on how fast your hair grows and which body part you've shaved.

The upside to shaving is that it can be done fairly quickly at home. It's also fairly cheap, especially compared to other hair removal procedures. One down side to shaving is that it doesn't last very long and it can cause ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs form under the skin and cause unsightly, painful red bumps.

Tweezing is another means of body hair removal. Tweezing is best used to get rid of a few hairs. Tweezing is great for small areas such as a person's eyebrows. It is not good for large areas such as your legs. Tweezing is more permanent than shaving, but it isn't effective for most body parts.

Removing Hair With Depilatories

Depilatories are commonly known as hair removal creams. Depilatories can be found in liquid or cream form at drugstores. You apply depilatories to the area of the skin where you want your hair to be removed. The depilatory breaks down the protein structure of the hair. Then you just wipe away the hair.

Depilatory treatments last for up to two weeks. The downside to these products is that they smell like chemicals. They also cause allergic reactions in many people and will not get rid of extremely coarse or dark hair.


Waxing is a very effective means of body hair removal. This process involves applying hot wax to the hairy area, allowing the wax to dry and then ripping it off. When done correctly, this process can last for three to six weeks. Waxing can also be done on virtually any body part, which makes it a universal product.

One disadvantage to waxing as a body hair removal process is that it's painful. If you're nervous about this body hair removal method, try it on a small area of your body before you go ahead with the whole waxing.